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Nutrition’s state-of-the-art

The easy way to do this.

Feedmesmart™ is the nutritionist’s and fitness trainers’ professional software for agile diet-writing, fitness training and customer management with real-time activity monitoring.

It’s a web-based app meant to automate processes through the 300+ pre-built meal plan templates and 1000+ movies with fitness exercises, CRM-like data centralization, editable training programs and through an interactive end-client’s app which enables diet tracking, shopping list draw up and smart watch device connectivity.

It’s for business

I’m a professional ____

  • Nuritionist
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Team Coach
  • Dietician

I craft meal plans for others

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It’s personal

I am _____

  • a gym enthusiest
  • an athlete
  • a recovering patient
  • avoiding specific ingredients

I choose my own diet & track my meals

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Choose and edit plans from trusted experts

Connect your own devices

Track your progress along

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Nutrition’s state of the art